As we push on into the mid part of 2019, many people may be thinking about how they can make a fresh start in their careers. After all, we spend an average of 1,612 hours at work every year, so it’s important that you feel happy.

Finding a new job might just be the change you need, and our latest research has revealed the UK’s top cities to find a job in 2018. So, if you’re looking for work, or thinking about relocating, have a look at our handy guide and find out which city could be right for you.


1. Brighton

With the number of vacancies on offer increasing by 19.9% last year, this vibrant seaside location is the UK’s best city for finding a job in 2018. Not only are businesses booming, but advertised salaries climbed by an impressive 6.1% in 2017, making the average earning a comfortable £30,758.58.  This city’s top employment sectors include technology, digital advertising, marketing, design and even gaming.

What’s more, aside from its fantastic job prospects, Brighton also has amazing shopping, restaurants, nightlife, a beach, an appealing metropolitan lifestyle and more. This makes Brighton the top pick to land your ideal job, whilst also offering the perfect work-life balance.


2. Manchester

This cosmopolitan northern city has experienced a 15.3% growth in jobs over the past year making it the second best city in the UK for finding a new role in 2018. It’s the ‘uncrowned capital of the north’ and considered the UK’s ‘second city’ behind London, meaning the job prospects are thriving.

Traditionally, the top industry for work in Manchester was manufacturing, which has long been part of the local economy and history. Recently, big names such as the BBC, ITV and dock10 have brought a new focus on IT, software and electronics. The average Mancunian salary is £30,915.13, which rose by 1.5% last year – so this city could be the perfect pick for your job hunt.


3. Glasgow

Not far behind Manchester is Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow. This city has experienced a 14.6% increase in jobs over the past 12 months, indicating that businesses are booming. Glasgow is the perfect place for those looking to grow their careers in the financial and business sectors, where there are over 52,000 jobs in these industries alone.

Alongside this, the transport links in Glasgow are ideal for your commute to work – the city even has its own underground system and an excellent bus service.


4. Portsmouth

Next in fourth place is Portsmouth, with a 13.5% growth in jobs. This city has been through a £200 million waterfront development and is home to the well-known outlet-shopping district Gunwharf Quays and the infamous Spinnaker Tower. The top industries in this city are aerospace, creative, marine and retail with lots of exciting opportunities on offer.

The city is also filled with various bars, clubs, restaurants and shopping along with historical gems such as the Mary Rose and the HSM Victory. The average pay in Portsmouth stands at £30,478.67, which is great for being able to achieve a comfortable work-life balance.


5. Sheffield

Sheffield is the steel capital of the UK, so it’s no wonder it has hit our top-ten list. The city has experienced a 13.5% growth in vacancies over the past year and is now moving away from its industrial past.

Nowadays, this is the ideal city for those wanting to work in the public sector, which makes up a large part of this city’s employment. The private sector is also thriving, with many customer service, IT, sales, retail and administration roles currently on offer.

But, Sheffield isn’t just all about work. There are lots of exciting activities available in and around this city. The Peak District is close by with fantastic scenery and walks, whilst the city has a great nightlife with various festivals. And, with average pay in the city growing by 5.3% over the past year, salaries currently sit at a comfortable £30,398.42.


6. Birmingham

Birmingham, often competing with Manchester as the UK’s ‘second city’, witnessed an 11.4% growth in job vacancies last year. The city is thriving and is home to some of the UK’s biggest and most important industries, such as manufacturing and engineering.

But, this isn’t all that Birmingham has to offer.

There’s also wide a range of work in the creative industries, retail, accounting, law and more. Expect above-average pay in Birmingham, with salaries standing at £32,018 last year.


7. Bristol

Bristol has also seen job growth this year, with advertised vacancies rising by 8%. This city is the perfect place if you’re seeking work in the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries. The average salary is a whopping £34,317, which was 5.7% higher than 2016, making it a potentially great area to work in if you’re looking for a pay-rise.

Bristol has many appealing factors for job hunters including great public transport, but also exciting activities and nightlife occurring around the city.


8. Leeds

Leeds, located in the heart of the UK, is next on our list. This city has experienced a 7.6% growth in jobs, making it the perfect place to find a new role. It’s also home to a large student population, meaning it’s a vibrant and exciting city to live in.

The local economy is estimated to be worth a huge £64.6 billion, and the city is home to a range of industries. The top industry picks for this city are in healthcare, medical technologies, publishing, digital, creative, manufacturing and finance. This means there’s a huge variety of opportunities available in Leeds.

What’s more, you can expect an average salary of £30,208 and with low living costs; this could mean you’ll see more of your pay after your major outgoings are taken.


9. Aberdeen

Named as one of the happiest places in Britain, Aberdeen has also made our top ten cities to find a job in. The number of vacancies is up by 7.1%, which means the city is full of new opportunities. The coastal town is full of traditional pubs and beautiful scenery making it the perfect place to live and work in.

In terms of industries, Aberdeen is great for engineering and manufacturing jobs, holding one of the busiest commercial heliports in the world. Not only this, but average salaries stand at massive £37,572, making it one of the highest paid cities in the UK. This figure also jumped up by 10.9% in 2017, showing promising growth.


10. Edinburgh

Last but not least on our list is Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. Jobs in this city were up by 5.9% last year. Edinburgh is well known for its strong economy, good transport and vibrant history, making it the ideal city to live and work in. The city is compact which means you can easily walk to places – though watch out for those hills!

Living in Edinburgh, you can expect an average salary of £32,313, and there are plenty of opportunities with some of the UK’s biggest employers, including the Royal Bank of Scotland and Virgin Money.


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